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Heardonia County is one of Lohana's seventy-seven counties. It is named after Heardonia, a region of the country of Whilopia. Its county seat is Arvincock.


Heardonia County was created in the 1800s and, like adjacent Atrion County, it mainly served as a place for war veterans. When Lohana became a state in 1989, Heardonia County was given the county number of 24.


Heardonia County is located in Central Lohana.

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During the last census, Heardonia County had a population of 45,829. Caucasians made up about 77% of the population; Africans made up about 8%; Hispanics made up about 9% of the population; Asians made up about 4% of the population, and native Parkufos made up about 2% of the population.

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  • Fort Arcussin (part of it lies in Heardonia County, and parts of it lie in North Estasia and Malliwarner counties)