Heas Heas is a very important city. It is where present day Moscow is located. It is a city of great wealth, and military power. This perticular city is placed in the year 2133. Heas is a city that is never underestimated.


Heas was founded by Eric Utenvagen (ooh-tin-vo-gin), in 2097 A.D. It was a small town, but over the period of the next 36 years, it progressed very well. It does have a government, military, and President. The civilians of Heas donnot follow a god. Eric Utenvagen was 33 when he discovered Heas.


The people of Heas follow a democratic government. Everyone has rights, but only the ones who came from Heas. The president, and the people of the supreme court have the most power. Bellow them are the generals, admirals, and the judges. Under them, are the common day workers.


Their military is very strong. It is actually the strongest military force on that side of the Earth.

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