Heir deil dezigz Emperorzez! is the anthem of the Holy Germanian Empire. The lyrics were written by Heinrich Harries in 1790 in honour of King Christian VII of Denmark. The original text was later adapted for use by the Germanian Empire.

Hail to thee in victor's crown,

Ruler of the fatherland!

Hail to thee, emperor!

Feel in the throne's glow

The high ecstasy in full

To be darling of thy people!

Hail to thee, emperor!

Neither steed nor mounted knight

Secure the towering height,

Where princes stand:

Love of the fatherland,

Love of the free man,

Create the ruler's throne

Like crags at sea.

Holy flame, glow,

Glow and expire not

For the fatherland!

Then we all stand

Valiant for one man

Gladly fighting and bleeding

For throne and empire!

Commerce and science

Hoist with courage and strength

Their chief aloft.

Warriors' and heroes' deeds

Find their laurel leaves

Faithfully preserved

Upon thy throne!

Forever continuing to bloom

Our flag may wave boldly

On the high seas!

Ha, how proud and majestic

Casts over land and sea

Widely the Germanian eagle

Its flaming gaze.

Be, emperor Willhelm, here

Thy people's ornament for many a year

Humanity's pride!

Feel in the throne's glow,

The high ecstasy in full

To be darling of thy people!

Hail to thee, emperor, all hail the emperor!

All hail the emperor, sieg the emperor,

of our glorious Empire!

All Hail!

Sieg Hail!

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