Hellblaze Worm

Hellblaze Worm

Info Edit

Real Name: None

Status: Villain

Occupation: Omion’s most powerful creature from the Book of Dark Summoning

Powers/Abilities: Can dig deep into the ground and travel at fast rates; incredible speed and immense strength; generates hellfire from its body; hellfire can burn many things and attack magical beings; can shoot hellfire from its spikes; hellfire breath; it is immune to hot temperatures and lava; flight without wings; nearly indestructible; can sense heat temperatures in a 100 mile radius; can be brought back to life by Omion’s Book of Dark Summoning; can reproduce a fire worm army by spitting it out from its body (the worms start out smaller than its reproducer); the small fire worms from its body have similar, but weaker qualities of their creator; the small worms can burn through flesh and some other substances.

--Tyroguun 01:08, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

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