Highway 59 path

The path of Highway 59 in red.

Highway 59 is a major highway on the island of Seally in the Seally Islands. Constructed four months after the city's incorporation in 1941, it is the most traveled highway on the island and the oldest surviving road.


Highway 59 started construction in August 1941 as a highway meant to connect the densely populated downtown area with the much larger and emptier central area of the island. The city was left with a very narrow strip of land to work with after Seally Rail bought out a large strip of land for future development. The reserved rail land squeezed Highway 59 between the east coast of the island and the future Seally Railway Bridge.

After construction was completed two months later, the highway was left the same for six decades. An extension in the 1950s connected it to the younger Highway 8, but it wasn't until 2002 that the road was renovated. In 2002, the city approved a ₪5 million plan to expand and rejuvenate the worn path. The stretch from downtown to Seally Park was improved and new flood drainage features were installed.

In 2008, the highway was renovated twice. First, most of the road in the Seally Port area was widened and renovated. As part of the Fastlane Project, the heavily traveled "Downtown Stretch" from Downtown to Highway 8 was widened and a new exit/entrance was added, connecting Highway 59 to the new 59 Bypass.

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