Highway 626 sign

Highway 626 is a major highway in Port Justin, Jill.

Built in 1945, it is a major thoroughfare for travelers and workers to the Port Justin Industrial Area and the city of Flag.


Highway 626 starts at the end of City Freeway 10 in Port Justin Central Business District. From there it turns eastward and meets Highway 535, or the Airport Freeway, 6 miles in. It continues east and enters Midtown Port Justin after 10 miles. Afterwards, the Port Justin Stadium Complex is met at 12 miles in. Across from this is the famous 48-year-old 626 Diner.

After leaving Midtown, 626 passes through 9 miles of suburbs until entering Port Justin's well-known Golden Strip, which flourished along the freeway in the early 1960s. The road here, at its highest quality, is lined with marble sidewalks, famous theaters and restaurants, three radio stations, and Golden Film Productions central studios.

After the Golden Strip and a few more neighborhoods, 626 passes through much undeveloped land. The connection to CF 10 is also located in the middle of the grassy plains. From there on, it enters the Industrial Area. Afterwards, it curves northwards and passes through 50 miles of farmland before ending in north Flag.

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