Highway 8 (officially Seally Beltway Highway 8) is a highway in the island city of Seally. It circles the central areas of the island. Built in 1941, the highway is Seally's longest and widest road.


The Outer RimEdit

Highway 8 was first constructed in the Airport district. It makes a wide turn southward, then dips down to a junction with Highway 59. After the junction, it passes the Channel 9 TV and radio studios and enters the 8 Strip.

8 StripEdit

Please see the 8 Strip article


The least traveled part of the highway, Highway 8 passes over an abandoned railway track into Midtown. Lined with stores and apartments, this area has barley been renovated since construction in 1941. As the highway passes out of the district, there is an intersection with 6 Road, the only other way into Downtown other than Highway 59.


Midtown area (Fastlane Project)Edit

Plans to expand Highway 8's entrance into the Midtown area to attract business were introduced into the Fastlane Project in August 2008. On August 6, 2008 construction began on the eastern entrance to Midtown. The highway was overlaid with CFS (Concrete Fluid Solution) and the road is in the process of being rebuilt. The western entrance was delayed until August 8 because Seally Rail was demolishing an abandoned rail spur separating Midtown from the rest of Seally. On the morning of August 8, construction teams closed off the highway and laid down the new CFS base.

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