He was separated from us by two hundred thousand years. He walked in the same desert that we all have come to know. He felt, and thought like us, just lacking wisdom. He searched for home, only if he knew what it was. The Tribulation that he had gone in the desert in his life, had built great patience. The heat had made him lag, and the his exhaustion was overwhelming him. There was a tree in the horizon, once he had viewed it, energy came to him, and filled him with happiness. It was enough to make him run nonstop. The sand filled the spaces between his toes, and he felt annoying heat come and go from them as he took each step.
As he kept on running, blue started to appear in the sand, he noticed that it was water. There was a slope twice as tall as him that lead into the great expanse of blue. There was no way he could have known that, with all the happiness, and joy of seeing so much water. He slipped, and fell down to the rocky bottom, a wave came and covered him for several seconds. He felt so refreshed, and new, but he had broken many bones. He made an attempt to get up, and a shock of pain stopped the effort. The tree was several paces ahead, and it was surrounded by water on all sides. It wasn't very big, but it had red round fruit on it, and the green leaves just added to the temptation he felt.
He used all his energy, and crawled to it the piece of land the tree was on. He felt the rocks rub him as he crawled. At the waters deepest point, it reached his mouth and splashed his dry lips. His ears were filled with the sound of water splashing about, and the smallest ripples reached his ears. He stopped several times to drink water, it quenched his thirst like never before. He got up, and slammed the sand in front of him. He felt pain, but happiness covered it like a blanket. His eyes moved to see the fruit on the tree. It was the only thing that he could focus on. He crawled closer, and grabbed the skinny trunk of the tree, and used it to support himself when he was standing up. He grabbed one of the red fruits on the tree, and let himself fall to the ground. He sunk his teeth into the soft sweet fruit, and ate from it hungrily. After, he had finished it, he laid on the tree trunk. The sun was hitting the tree, but it's rays splashed on him, and dried him. The broken bones that he had just seemed to have disappeared. He had never felt so peaceful, and relaxed. The days before him had not offered much time for resting. He closed his eyes, and slept peacefully.