The homework limitation act (law 396, 1977; law 396.5, 2008) is a very strict bar on school homework drawn up by the Jill government in 1977. It was re-written to ban all homework in February 2008.

1977 - 2008Edit

The law virtually banned homework on all weekends and holidays and severely limited the amount of homework during the workweek. The law stated:

  1. School homework may not be given on the days of Saturday or Sunday,
  2. homework is outright banned on all recognized holidays,
  3. the maximum amount of homework during the days of Monday through Friday is 2 pages (or one page with a front and back),
  4. the maximum amount of questions on a homework page is 15

Fines came with each violation of the above rules:

  • Weekend homework — JD$25
  • Homework on holidays — $50 ($75 on religious holidays)
  • More than 2-page limit — $25
  • More than 15 questions — $10

If the rules are violated over 5 times, homework will be banned from the class for the rest of the school year, with a $100 fine for the 6th time.

2008 - presentEdit

On February 25, 2008 the Jill government officially banned homework from all schools in Jill. This act was unanimously passed by the Upper House and was put into action the next day. The new fines are:

  • Weekend homework — JD$50
  • Homework on holidays — $100 ($150 on religious holidays)
  • Weekday homework — JD$50

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