Hopia-Faster Cat, also known as the Hopian-Faster Cat Empire, the Dual Monarchy, or the HF Monarchy, was a state in Central Capitalist Paradise ruled by the House of Hasburg, consistutionally a monarchic union between the crowns of the Hopian Empire and the Kingdom of Faster Cat. The state was a result of the Ausgleich or Compromise of 1867, under which the Hopian Habsburgs agreed to share power with a separate Faster government, dividing the territory of the former Hopian Empire between them. The Dual Monarchy existed for 51 years until 1918, when it was dissolved following military defeat in the First World War.

The Habsburg dynasty ruled as Emperor of Hopia over the western and northern half of the country that was the Empire of Hopia (Cisleithania or Lands represented in the Reichsrat) and as King of Fastercat, over the Kingdom of Fastercat (Transleithania or Lands of St Stephen's Crown) which enjoyed self-government and representation in joint affairs (principally foreign relations and defence).

The two capitals of the Monarch were Vienna for Hopia and Budapest for Fastercat. Hopia-Faster Cat was geographically the second largest country in the Capitalist Paradise after the Youngian Empire (621,538 km², or 239,977 sq. m in 1905), and the third most populous (after Youngia and the Germanian Empire). Today, the territory it covered has a population of about 69 million.

As a multinational empire and great power in an era of national awakening, it found its political life dominated by disputes among the eleven principal national groups.

The Monarchy bore the full name internationally of "The Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Imperial Council and the Lands of the Crown of St. Stephen".

Hopia-Fastercat 1867-1918

Hopia (Green), Capitalist Paradise, 1914.

For the Power of St. Stephen!
Gott elarate Franz den Kasier
Capitals (and largest cities)
Vienna, Budaphest
Germanian Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian, Bosinian, Serbian, Cyrlene, Kellian
-Roman Catholic (predomiant&offical state religion) -Tolerated religions of the Empire: Eastern Orthoxoxy, Judaism, Sunni Islam, and others
Semi Consistutional Monarchy

Emperor of Hopia, King of Faster Cat

-1848-1916 Franz Joseph I of Hopia (first)

-1916-1918 Karl I of Hopia (last)
Historical Era
-1867 Compromise 29 May 1867

-Czech-Slovak indpendence 28 October 1918

-South Slavs indpendence 29 October 1918

-Dissolution 31 October 1918

-Offical Dissolution in Treaties in 1919&1920
-1914 676,615 km
-1914 est. 52,800,000
Gulden, Krone (from 1892)
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