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Hurricane Florence path

The path of Florence throughout the area around Seally

Hurricane Florence is a hurricane that hit the island of Seally in the Seally Islands in August 2007. It made landfall as a weak Category 3 hurricane, topping at Category 4 strength before being damaged by the Iceland air current.


The hurricane was first identified as a fast-moving tropical wave 450 miles south of Iceland. As it strengthened, it jumped to Category 4 strength on the night of August 22nd, and was dubbed Hurricane Florence.

As it traveled northward, Florence enjoyed healthy strength, yet failed to achieve Category 5 strength. The Iceland air current, well known for affecting hurricanes in various ways, had shifted further south than usual, causing Florence, just about to achieve the Category 5 title, to get badly injured by the current. After dropping two categories, Florence started curving east once again, towards Seally. It restrengthened into an extremely weak Category 3.

As a Category 3, Florence wasn't a major threat as Hurricane Stephen was, but still would cause a few million in damage due to its strong winds.

On August 25th, 2007, Florence made landfall on the City of Seally at the Seally Railway Port Station. It packed 120 mile per hour winds, with a top gust of 129 m.p.h., which crashed into the Seally Security Service's (police) police station, which caused the building to almost collapse. The gust also blew railroad cars onto Highway 8 and trampled over telephone lines.

As it slid over Seally, it dropped only 10.7 inches of rain, with the winds being the only damaging force. It passed over downtown Seally at 3:55 P.M. International time, yet spared the skyscrapers to the fullest extent.