Hurricane Jarita was the tenth named storm of the 2005 Mistian hurricane season. The storm formed in the Misty Ocean about fifty miles southeast of the Dragoonasag state of Flowers Island. Jarita was the strongest hurricane in the 2005 season and the second to last major hurricane to hit Madagonia; the last was Hurricane Eustace in September 2006. The Holy Germanian Empire has loaned Dragoonasag money for the damage done.


Jarita formed in the Misty Ocean on September 17, 2005. The storm quickly became a Category 3 hurricane before making landfall on Flowers Island. Jarita caused some damage and heavy flooding in the state.


After leaving Flowers Island, the storm headed out into open waters, where it gained strength and became a Category 4 hurricane before making landfall on the southeast coast of the Dragoonasag state of Madagonia, causing serious damage and severe flooding just south of Badentown. Jarita then continued up the state's east coast, dumping heavy rains in Badentown, Contra Costa Beach, Ispilum, and La Playa de Ramara. High winds damaged many buildings and bent trees until they snapped. After leaving Madagonia, the hurricane went farther into the ocean. Jarita caused more than $100,000 in damage along the Madagonia coastline.


In late September of 2005, a weaker Hurricane Jarita hit Mylo's coastline and dumped heavy rains on the Mistian City-Jord City-Naguro metropolitan area and causing flooding in some areas. The floods caused some streets in Mistian City, Jord City, and Naguro to be closed until the flood waters receded.

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