Igloo Snails (Lunese; Ibdoi Ynaolx) is a common type of snail found in Grahdah, known to be intelligent, and can even comprehend The Rarg. Their IQ has even been able to surpass humans' average IQ, and it is no surprise, as their cranial cavity is actaully an interdimension network of energy affecting worlds depicted in the ImagineWikia

These snails are sometime so intellegent, that they often know that their world is actaully text on a page that you're reading, right now. And sometimes, they use this knowledge to convince readers to edit the wiki to their advantage.


The igloo snail, often called "the awesome snail" is known to have a shell on its back that resembles a miniture igloo. This is because the liquid energy stored inside reacts with the air to create an unbreakable shell. The liquid is often use to power the snail so they can continue to warp the Purple Multiverse. That is all we know. 20:24, March 8, 2014 (UTC)

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