Ilha was a minor Imperial family of Kiurandir and the youngest of all Imperial families. It never ruled in Astolan and its purpose was to generate suitable brides and grooms for other Imperial families. Ilha's founders are all linked to the older Imperial families, with the exception of Ashurad; however ancestry is indirectly provided from a Chennan founder of Ashurad descent.


Ilha was the name for a cadre that formed after the collapse of the Imperial family, along with cadres Ilan and Had. They were the only cadres descended from the same Imperial family that did not participate in the War of Siblings. Of the three, only Ilan has survived to be a living branch of Kiurandir. Cadre Ilha disappeared in the Second Bailot War alongside its ally, Aven. Had exists in a far eastern territory, purposely isolated from the Kiurandir branches.

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