Hello, and welcome to ImagineWiki! At ImagineWiki, you can create articles about stuff straight out of your imagination. We house many diffent pages here, such as imagined stories, worlds that you create, cities you can build, cars and other types of transportation that you invent, and oh so much more.

To get started, just read the Style Guide. It holds all of the editing information necessary to create a proper article. It is also recomended to you that you should read Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Next, go to this ImagineWiki's Main Page and type the title of your article into the text box under the picture. Click on Set your imagination free. Once you click on this button, your page will be created and then you will be redirected to a page where you can start editing your page.

<!------If there are any notes like this on the editing page, please read them. They may contain some important information for you to read.----!> And when you are done reading the notes, you may erase them, but if they say that you should leave them on, you should do so. You don't have to erase them, because they won't appear on your article.

The next thing that you should worry about is putting content onto your page using the style guide. Click on the blue Save page button to save all of your changes and then see your page. You can edit your page at any time using the Edit this page link above your page.

Now let everyone enjoy your article!!

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