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When you create an article on ImagineWiki you are granted the following rights:

  • You are in-charge of your articles. You have the right to decide which contributions from other users you accept, and you can revert changes from other users if they do not fit in your original definition of the article. After all, you imagined it, no one but you is appropiate to say how your imaginary world is.
  • You can request to have your article deleted for any reason at any time. You can submit an article that is not yours for deletion here.
  • You can submit your article to an administrator for a review to determine if it is "featured" material. All featured pages end up on the Main Page at one point or another for a duration of one week or longer.

Exceptions to ownershipEdit

  • Administrators can modify your article if it does not comply with basic rules (for example, it is spam or contains illegal content).
  • Administrators will immediately delete any plagiarized or real-world content.
  • Administrators will immediately delete any spam.
  • Users can be banned for excessive violations of the ownership exceptions. Three warnings will be delivered to the users' talk page before short-length and eventually full-length blocks are activated.

Your content can be copied by any person for any reason:Edit

Your writing can be redistributed at will by anyone who is willing, as all contributions to ImagineWiki are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Any ORIGINAL submitted work to ImagineWiki is subject to this license. Copyrighted work is not allowed because it cannot be subject to this policy.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.