The Imperal Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an department of the Imperial Cabinet, of the government of the Holy Germanian Empire. The Minstry was created in 1871 and is one of the leading executive ministries.

Powers and DutiesEdit

  • Develops and executes the Chancellor's foreign affairs
  • Defends and Executes objectives and missions around the globe
  • Provides services aboard to Germanian citzens and protects and preserves equal claims on the Empire's protection
  • Grants rights of citzenship and immirgration to foreigners asking it, and to adminster the oath to them
  • Advise the Chancellor on foreign policy matters
  • Assist and protect Germanian bussinesses on the international marketplace
  • Coordinate and provide support for other government activites in foreign affairs, to arrange offical visits, and to maintain embassies
  • Keep the public informed about Holy Germanian public policy and deliver feedback from other countries
  • Provide diplomatic and law immunity to foreign diplomats and leaders visting the Empire
  • Maintain relations with other countries and organizations