The Imperial Armed Forces are the armed forces of the Holy Germanian Empire. The Armed Forces consist of 20 million Imperial nationals and 250 million colonials as conscripted by the Empire from the colonies.


The Mission of the Armed Forces are to help prevent and recover damage in natural disasters, to react to national and international crisies, to prevent conflicts, to maintain peace, to go to war to defend against agressive powers, and to maintain international security.

Organization and StuctureEdit

The command structure was reorganized by the Imperial Military Strcture Reorganizations Act of 2000. The Commander-In Chief, according to the Consistution of Holy Germanian Empire, is the Emperor of Holy Germania. The Chancellor has power over disposition and actions of the armed forces, can plan strategy, and can authorize the use of Germania's nuclear weapons. Next is the Imperial Minister of Defense and Military Affairs, who operates the forces and submits reports to the Senate, who fund, organize, and discipline the armed forces according to consistutional procedure. The Imperial Chief of Staff is leading military strategic advisor and head of the Imperial Military Command.

The Imperial Army is divided into 500 divisions and 203 motorary bridages. The Navy is divided into 30 naval Branches, each with eighteen naval components and eighteen squadrons per component, with two bridages within each squadron. The Air Force, Imperial Medical Support, and Joint Branches are organized on the same structure.


The Imperial Armed Forces consist in total of 270 million personnel and 4.5 million military commanders and officers:

Imperial Navy- 40 million

Imperial Army-40 million

Imperial Air Force-40 million

Imperial Medical Services-60 million

Imperial Joint Services- 40 million

Reserves- rest of forces

Military Age 18

Reaching Military Age Annually 445,048 (2008 est.)

Domestic suppliers EADS, Heckler & Koch, Rheinmetall, KMW, HDW

Foreign suppliers Capitalist Economic Union, World Assembly, United States, International Monetary Fund

Current operationsEdit

The Empire currently has over 1 million military personnel deployed in foreign countries. Peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief tasks have increased in recent years, many under the auspices of the World Assembly and NATO. The Armed Forces most recently contributed to the international humanitarian and reconstruction efforts after the 2004 tsunami and 2005 earthquake in Pakistana.

Within the Empire, there is about 450,000 personnel stationed within the consistutent states, who maintain state defense guards. Since Bavaria threatened to secede in 2000, more then 60% of these personnel are in Bavaria.

Personnel are also based in a series of colonies, who also have their own military police forces. Garrisions and facilities maintained by the Empire exist in Denver, Sheldon, Gaberilla, Shandoah, Christopher, Meagan Mascrena, Eric, Robert, and Sadjea. These total 140,000 personnel combined. Locally-raised units are maintained in Brittany, Matthew, Catlin, and Jared. Their primary mission is "collective defense and local protection".

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