The Imperial Cabinet (usually referred to as the Chancellor's Cabinet or simply the Cabinet) is composed of the most senior appointed officers of the Imperial government of the Holy Germanian Empire, appointed by the Chancellor or by the Emperor. Otto von Bismarck appointed the first Cabinet, as required by the Consistution of Holy Germanian Empire. Cabinet members are nominated by the Chancellor with the apporval of the Emperor, or by the Emperor himself without limit. They are sworn in and begin their duties. All members of the Cabinet recieve the title Imperial Minister of their certain departments, and are compensated from the Treasury. They serve at the pleasure of the Chancellor and are responsibile to the Emperor.

Power and SignficanceEdit

Though the Cabinet is still an important organ of bureaucratic management, in recent years, the Cabinet has generally declined in relevance as a policy making body. The trend has been, since Hemlut Kohl, to act through the Imperial Chancellory, or the Imperial Security Council (which both include some Cabinet ministers). Officals including the Imperial Head of Chancellory, the Director of the Imperial Office of Management and Budget, and the Imperial Security Advisor are as powerful or more powerful then certain Cabinet ministers.


Imperial Office of Chancellory

Imperial Office of Management and Budget

Imperial Security Council

Imperal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Imperial Ministry for Interior, Natural Resources, and Rural Affairs

Imperial Ministry for Youth and Minorities

Imperial Ministry of Labor

Imperial Ministry of Commerce and Trade

Imperial Ministry of Communications and Railways

Imperial Ministry of Defense and Military Affairs

Imperial Ministry of Health and Human Services

Imperial Ministry of Education and Research

Imperial Ministry of Agiculture and Food

Imperial Ministry of Treasury

Imperial Ministry of Transportation and Urban Affairs

and the

Imperial Ministry of Justice

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