Imperial Center (formerly Earth) is the capital world of the Galactic Empire. Throughout time, it has also served as the capital of the Galactic Republic.

Many of the Universe's major trade routes-including the Solar Trunk Line, the Imperial Way Route, the Star Trek-Imperial Way Run, and the Alpha Centauri Trail-run through Imperial Center, making it one of the wealthiest worlds in the Universe. Because of this, the planet's hyperspace coordinates are 0,0,0, and it's military designation is Triple Zero. It also forms the core of the Triple Zero group, a all important collection of major Universal dimensions.

The actual surface of Imperial Center is divided into "cities" (each roughly the size of a average country), but all coalesce under one major city entity, Imperial City, formerly called Republic City or Galactic City, or Earth City.



Geologically, the planet has a molten core with a crusty mantle, and a lava-like rock crust. At it's poles are huge ice caps and glaciers that serve as major destinations for tourists.

The entire surface of Imperial Center is covered by sprawling kilometers-high skyscrapers and cities, and boasts a population of over a hundred billion to several trillion, depending on the era. As of the 19 BM Census, there are 1 trillion offical residents living on the planet. Adding in the number of temporary workers, tourists, trasients, unregistered populace, and those living in the oribital faclities, this number may be three times higher.

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