The Imperial Estate is the Emperor's private property estate and portfolio. The Estate, established in 1871, is the Emperor's major source of revenue and owns all Imperial properties, residences, and maintains control over grants.

Finances[edit | edit source]

Crown land in Holy Germania[edit | edit source]

The Royal land owned in Holy Germania itself is part of the Imperial Estate. These include the Heiz Butt, Palace, and Selestial land-estates. In 1750, King Fredrick the Great purchased Royal land for the Kings of Prussia in Bradenburg and Meininburg, called the Branden estates. Today, the kings and rulers of the consistutent states are required to give one-third of their estate's profits to the Emperor, totaling some $560 trillion Germanian Dollars in 2008 alone.

Crown land in Colonies[edit | edit source]

The Estate owns some 2,450,000 acres of land in the Holy Germanian Colonial Empire. The Shandoang and Qing estates in Brittany, stolen from the deposed Qing Dynasty of Brittany, are the Imperial estates in Brittany and are designed in the Brittanian-style. The Emperor also has the Winter Estate in Eric, the Hapscord Estate in Robert, the Presidental Estates of Amy, the Arabic Estates of Brook, and the Jingulistal Estates of Shandoah. Estates in Christopher, Gaberilla, Meagan Mascrena, Meagan Mcmannis, and Allision are also maintained.

Estates in other Countries[edit | edit source]

The Estate also owns properties in other countries on strips of land leased by the Holy Germanian Empire. The Hasenatic Estates, located on the Germanian Leases in the Free State of Berlin, is maintained and used by the Emperor while visting that region and city-state. The Barbon Estates, located in central Sttenia, are also maintained and operated. The Pastee Estates in Italy, the Russiloganian Imperial Palace in Yidenburg, Russilogania, the Estates of Iberia, the Estates in Venilet, the Estates in Japanesa, the Estates in the United States, and the Embassy Estates in London, England are also maintained and operated by the Imperial Estate. They generate an large amount of money, about three-sevenths of the Imperial Estate's revenues.

Ownership and Operation[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Estate and it's revenues are personally owned and maintained by the Emperor of Holy Germania. The Estate is run and used in his name. The Estate may choose to give a fraction of it's revenues to the Imperial Treasury. The Estate issues annual monetary reports compiled by the Board of Estate Owners. The Board, appointed by the Emperor and governed by him, is in charge of the Estate's daily operations and ownership and maintaining of properties. The Board has a council of thirteen economic advisors to help it manage the Estate. The Board has ten members.

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