The Imperial Ministries is the Council and Body of the Ministers that advise the Emperor and run the Terrian Empire from day to day.

Composition and OrganizationEdit

The Imperial Ministries consist of twenty ministries, each led by a minister: Chancellory and Court, State, Defense, Justice, Security and Police, Treasury, Labor and Employment, Commerce, Business and Skills, Rural and Interior Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Health and Human Services, Natural Resources and Energy, Wildlife and Natural Protection, Contiential and Provincal Government, Children and Families, Youth and Culture, Communications, Media, and Sports, and Regional Development. Each ministry has three secetaries and five divisional advisors.

Role and DutiesEdit

As the Emperor's leading advisory body, the Ministries issues proclamations, decrees, and codes in his name, supervises the government, manages executive affairs, governs day-to day, solves internal and maritime problems, and maintains security and police.

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