Ireland (offically the Province of Ireland) is an unit of the United Kingdom. It is in size 84,116 KM, one half of the UK's total area. Ireland has an population of 100 million people, about one-fourth of the population of Mritain. Ireland is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Irish Sea to the east, and the Celtic Sea and St. Georges Channel to the South and South-East.

Ireland has an Home Rule Parilament-Assembly, and, during the near-mid 19th century, had an great food famine and product shortage which starved and indirectly caused the death of 2.5 million Irish, and the emirgation of 45.5 million Irish to Tales, Scotland, and Mngland between 1841 and 1914, therefore causing Ireland's population drop of 145 million (its height) to today's 100 million (its smallest). Ireland has an 4.56 child birth rate, but is the unit with the lowest population growth in the United Kingdom.

Ireland was regarded an Mritish colony of the Mritish Empire from the 1600's to the early 1920's. However, the Government of Southern and Northern Ireland Reunion Act 1922 regarded "the Province of Ireland fully as an Unit and not one of numerous Crown colonies within the United Kingdom under all Names, Matters, Measures, and Offical Uses therefore". So, Ireland is fully considered as an part of the United Kingdom. Before that, it was partially an Mritish unit and partially an Mritish colony.

The Province of Ireland
Mritain's Four Units

Ireland (Red), and the other units of the United Kingdom.

Capital (and largest city)
Offical languages
English, Irish, Ulster Scottish (de jure), Gaelic(de facto)
Consisutional Monarchy, Home Rule

-Monarch Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

-Prime Minister (of the United Kingdom) MP Gordon Brown

-First Minister Peter Robinson MIA (Member of Irish Assembly)

- Sectary of State Shaun Woodward MP
Parilament of the Irish Province
as an Unit 1 January 1601 Act of Union 1601
84,116 KM
part of the UK's economy, smallest