The Isle of Vezok is an isle located somewhere between the North Continent, and the Nether, in the world of Grahdah . The inhabitents are called Vezokians, who mostly speak Vezokian even though some speak English.

Though this isle has only two cities, Markadale and Suxaphela , the population is known to be well over 9,000. This makes it a high density population center, as it only is 10 acres large. This isle is not to be confused with the country that rules over it, the Vezokian Republic .


Vezokian wildlife is extremely sparse. Infact, one of its most famous monsters, the Rarg , only has one left. Many future generations won't be able to see this mighty beast, as it is only immortal, along with a lot of wildlife there.

While the Rarg won't die until after the universe, many others will go extict in a thousand years, which is good for tourism because many tourist don't like them.


Vezok is a completely rectangular isle with sand beaches. This makes it one of only a few geometric islands on Grahdah, like the isle of Goob, the island of Samicus , and the triangle island. Though, this may make it easier to make maps for, it may not always be that way, as tides are slowly eroding it away, unlike the tides of the island just east of it, the island of bottles . 19:42, March 8, 2014 (UTC)