John Morton Phillip "Jack" Keeble IV (born October 4th, 1954) is an american actor known for his role as Paul "Big Paulie" Mcdonald on Three for the family(1978-1995). Keeble now has a role as Phil Kasey on The Kasey Family(2005-present)

Early lifeEdit

John Phillip Morton Keeble IV was born on October 4th, 1954 in Cludlan, Ohio to parents Mary Keeble(nee:Huck), and Johnny Keeble III. Johnny worked as a plumber. Mary worked as a hair stylist at a local salon. Johnny, and Mary divorced in 1957. Johnny had ran away, and went to Las Vegas. Jack was left with just Mary to raise him. 

Early CareerEdit

In 1962, Jack had gotten a small part in Mr. Howard's Dream as a waiter. He had gotten multiple small roles before people realized his talent. He then hit in big in 1966 with a lead role in The Vertical Loop. He played Matt Dunning, a young baseball player. 

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