James Allweather


Full Name
James Walter Allweather
Between 39 and 44 at the beginning, 50 at the end of the series
Voice Actor

James Walter Allweather is a character from the animated show Great Hill Folks. He is voiced by Jack Lees. He is the patriarch of the Allweather family, a rich family, a wealthy family.


Mr. Allweather is a brown-haired, middle-aged man who comes from a wealthy family. He is usually seen wearing suits while not "on the job". He speaks with a deep voice that makes him feared by his son and by criminals who have done wrong and know they will have to meet him and pay for their crimes. He is a strict father and a very good magistrate. He bears some resemblance to Jack Lees's friend, voice actor Stephen Gorzee, who is a recurring cast member in the animated series The Texas Wilsons.

Early LifeEdit

James Allweather was born the son of Abby Allweather and Johnny Allweather, both of whom were very wealthy people and come from wealthy families. He was sent to top-notch schools because his parents believed that he "would get a better education at those schools", according to his mother.

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