James Broward
Birth name
James Seth Broward
September 12, 1981 (age 35)
Years active

James Seth Broward[1] (born September 12, 1981[2]) is a singer. He has recorded three albums.

Early life and family[edit | edit source]

Broward was born on September 12, 1981. He comes from a family of notable people. His father is actor Anthony Broward of Westfield Patrol fame; his paternal grandmother is veteran actress Tulissa Marie Smithfield-Broward; his paternal grandfather is the late actor John Broward. He is also related to war soldier Gregory W. Broward (Anthony's paternal grandfather). Broward spent his childhood away from the spotlight.

Career[edit | edit source]

Broward made his debut in 2003, deciding not to follow in his father, uncle Chevis Patrick, and grandfather's footsteps, but to follow those of his late uncle, Matthew Broward, beginning a singing career. In the winter of 2003, Broward released his first album, "James Broward".

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