City-State of Jamsterdam - Sctadstat fon Jamsterdam - Stadstaat Jamsterdam

Jamsterdam Flag

Paul Tokin (G)
Official Languages
English, Chathan, Dutch

The City-State of Jamsterdam (/dʒæmstɚdæm/, Dutch: Stadstaat Jamsterdam /jɑmstərdɑm/) is the capital city-state of the Kingdom of Pacardia. It is also the home of the Tip Kekkingtons, or TKs for short.


In the 1400s, Dutch and Jamaican peoples landed around the same shores of an island that was then populated only by animals. Together, they built a city influenced by Amsterdam and its canals, but in a warm and tropical setting. They called it Jamstrteam, a portmanteau of Jamaica and Amsterdam.


HRE King Patrick Pacard and all other members of the House of Pacard are residents of the Pacardi Swedpalace in Jamsterdam. The city-state is also home to the Pacardia's legislative body, the Parliament of Pacardia. However, these national powers exists separate from the city-state's kaiser, Paul Tokin of the Green Party. The current Kaiser of Jamsterdam gets to be the final member of the 1337 4 in the Pacardi Pokémon League.


English and Chathan are the national tongues of all of Pacardia, including Jamsterdam. The city-state has Dutch as an official regional language.

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