Jarington County scene 001

The Salviana River in rural Jarington County.

Jarington County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Penoshia. The county is named after Peter Jarington, who discovered six Parkufo carvings on Mount Kaffinger in Cain County in 1867. Its county seat is Marhampton.


Jarington County was created in 1867. The county's first English-speaking settlers were veterans of the Battle of the Peregos and their families[1]. Later, civilians moved to the county. Marhampton served as the county seat since it was created.


Jarington County is located in the mountainous lands of Western Penoshia.

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Jarington County had a population of about 27,921 during the last census. The racial make-up was as follows.

Racial Make-up of Jarington County's Population[2]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 81.7
African 6.8
Hispanic 6.9
Other 4.6

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