Jason Grayson is the son of Teen Titans members, Robin and Starfire.


Starfire had Jason when she and Robin were still teenagers. He grew up in Titans Tower and was babysat by Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) when the titans were on missions. At the age of 7, he started to develop powers (listed below). At 12, the titans started bringing him to help them on missions. During this time, Jason took the hero title of, Star Falcon. At 14, he started meeting close friends, including superheroes. At 15, he met the girl of his dreams, Silverfire, a tameranean, like his mother. At some point, Jason started to form his own team of Teen Titans. His team includes other children of the titans. Silverfire, Andrew Stone (Called Android, Cyborg's nephew), Trisa Logan (Called Wild Girl, Daughter of Beast Boy and Terra), and Shane Duncan (Called Shadow, Son of Herald and Raven). When Jason was 16, he and Silverfire formed a relationship. Currently, Jason is leading the new Teen Titans and enjoying being a hero.


Jason is a very good leader, skilled fighter, and a very pleasurable guy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jason's powers are similar to a hybrid of his parents' powers. Like his father, he is very cleverly skilled with gadgetry and is good in martial arts. Like his mother, he can use energy similar to her starbolts and has brute high strength. However, he can only fly for a short amount of time before he gets tired and has to descend and regain energy, or he can use his grappling hook.

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