Jill National Rail is an independent railway company in Jill. It operates Jill's rail network as a whole with special permission from the government. Founded in 1918, it has over 3,000 miles of track laid over the nation.


National trackEdit

Jill rail network

Jill National Rail's rail network. Solid lines indicate existing rail, dotted lines indicate future rail lines. The black squares are stations.

The national track is Jill's longest rail line. It stretches 1,920 miles from south North Port to River End. It was built in 1920 from Port Justin northward, and the southern extension was built in 1978.

In July 2007, a landslide caused a rail collapse just north of Port Justin. Since 90% of the track is underground, the JNR is in the process of rebuilding some possibly unstable parts of the tunnels. The collapse cost JD$50 million, and the renovations are said to cost $4 billion.

Shady Oaks routeEdit

The second route is the Shady Oaks track, stretching 350 miles from Port Justin's Central Station to the Shady Oaks River Center. It was built in 1962 and follows Highway 310.

Airport routeEdit

This small rail branch splits off the National track and stops at Port Justin International Airport. It was built in 2004 to help transportation to the new grounds.

Future routesEdit

Triangle routeEdit

The Triangle route will be built to connect Shady Oaks to North Port. The $2.5 billion project will start in late 2008 and will be slated for completion in 2011.

Beach routeEdit

This route will connect all major beach cities along the Southern Ocean to Shady Oaks. It is 30% complete and is slated for completion in January 2009.

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