The Jill Stock Exchange is a stock exchange in Jill. Located at the National Trade Towers in Port Justin, it traded over 70 billion stocks in 2006.


After the start of the major gold rush on the Gold Shores River, investors started pushing the government to build a stock exchange.

The proposal was all set by 1915. The building, a modest 5-story tower, was built in downtown Port Justin in 1918. The market opened on July 28th, 1918. Quickly, about 200,000 stocks were traded that year alone.

Throughout the years, the weak exchange grew into a powerhouse. Suddenly, on March 10, 1972, over 1 billion stocks were traded on the floor. This scare started the year-long Jill economy scare of 1972. The stock floor did poorly that year.

After the economy was all fixed in 1973, the exchange was pushed into the modern stage. In 1975, construction of the two National Trade Towers were complete, opening the Port Justin Stock Exchange.

Today, the Jill Stock Exchange trades over 50 billion stocks a year. It is the largest exchange in the world.


Stocks traded as recorded by the stock exchange.

  • 1920 - 500,000 stocks
  • 1930 - 4.5 million stocks
  • 1940 - 37 million stocks
  • 1950 - 1.1 billion stocks
  • 1960 - 8.0 billion stocks
  • 1970 - 11 billion stocks
  • 1980 - 31 billion stocks
  • 1990 - 37 billion stocks
  • 2000 - 49 billion stocks

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