The Jillian dollar is the main unit of currency in the country of Jill. Its current value is 2.000 US$ and 9.000GD$ per $1.000 bill.


The Jillian Dollar was introduced in 1845 as a currency unit for the newly formed country. The first mint, the First Jillian Mint, was built in Port Justin in 1847, and production was running smoothly by 1848.

The dollar went through two major designs changes in 1900 and 1912. Production was accelerated in 1911 thanks to the Gold Shores River gold rush, and was redesigned in 1912 to show benefits from Jill's prosperity.

In 1945 there was another design change, and another on in 1965.

In 1971, the modern bill was in introduced.

Major cities: Port Justin · Shady Oaks · Brownville · North Oak
Geographical Features: JAR River · Shady Oaks River · Pine Mountain
Other: Jill economy scare of 1972
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