Jim McCoy
Birth Name
Jim Samuel McCoy
January 24th, 2008 - February 8th, 2073 (Age 65)
February 1, 2045 - December 8th, 2054
January 26th, 2045 - February 8th, 2073
Political Party

Jim McCoy was the founder and 1st President of Veridia. He was born on January 24th, 2008 to David and Janet McCoy on the starship Freedom's Journey. As his father was a diplomat for the Raqi Confederation, which was destroyed and they became refugees fleeing from political persecution. Jim McCoy became the Captain of Freedom's Journey when his father died, and an FTL engine error sent him and the crew to the plant Luna, where they founded the Federal Socialist Republic of Veridia.


Early LifeEdit

McCoy was born to Captain David West McCoy and Janet Michelle McCoy on January 28th, 2008, on the starship Freedom's Journey. McCoy's father was a diplomat for the short-lived Raqi Confederation, but was forced to become refugees when the Confederation was destroyed.

McCoy grew up learning about his father's socialist principles and the ideas of Marx and Engels, two philosophers from the planet Earth.

Becoming Captain of Freedom's JourneyEdit

When McCoy's father died in 2034, an election was held to determine the new Captain. All officer and adult crew members were allowed to vote. McCoy ran in the election and got 54% of the vote, with the closest runner up having 23%. Under McCoy's early leadership, the ship was welcomed into the black markets where they were able to upgrade and maintain the Freedom's Journey's outdated equipment.

Discovering Luna and founding VeridiaEdit

On January 1st, 2045, the Freedom's Journey was on the run from several enemy starships. The ship was forced to randomly activate the FTL engine without setting a destination and the ship exited FTL speed in orbit of the plant Luna. The Freedom's Journey landed, and the crew set up a camp. Drones sent across the world confirmed that there was no sentient life on the planet.

Realizing that their life in the galaxy would consist of running from political persecution, the crew decided to become settlers in this undiscovered world and they established the Federal Socialist Republic of Veridia, with it's capital at New Moscow

McCoy's Presidency (2045 - 2054)Edit

Later LifeEdit


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