John Jordson (Jordsons character)

Peter Swayde as John Jordson

John R. Jordson
First Appearance
21 (seasons 1-2 and beginning of season 3)
22 (season 3 onwards)
Created by
Anthony Jordson (father)
Elaina Mathison-Jordson (mother)
Michael Jordson (brother)
Mae Jordson (grandmother)
Charles Jordson (grandfather)
Played by

John R. Jordson is a fictional character from the TV series The Jordsons. He is portrayed by Peter Swayde. He is Anthony's older son and Michael's brother.


John is a twenty-something high school graduate. He has black hair and blue eyes. He stands at 6'0"[1]. Many times, he proves to be more responsible than Michael. According to show creator Tommy Rilbin, John, like some other characters in the show, is based on someone he knew. John is based on Rilbin's friend Austin Maccleson, as both act alike.

Character developmentEdit

John Jordson was not originally intended to be a major character in the show; show creator Tommy Rilbin originally intended for John to appear in three episodes, and then leave. Rilbin was forced to make John a main character when producers made it known to him that they did not like the idea of having only two members in the main family.


John was born in the 1980s in Eastville. He grew up in Eastville and attended Eastville High School. John carried on the Jordson tradition of playing football in high school. He graduated from Eastville High and still lives with his father and brother, hoping to be discovered by a movie director someday.


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