The John Relgard Long Bank Tower is a skyscraper in Downtown Longstown, Salviana. Named after John Relgard Long, the skyscraper rises to 59 storeys high. The skyscraper is located at 6789 John Relgard Long Street.



The John Relgard Long Bank Tower was planned by the Longstown-based construction firm Gellis & Monzer. The tower was the second bank tower to be built in Longstown, after the Longstown Bank Tower. Gellis & Monzer hired architect Stephen Suaidel to design the building in 1954. Suaidel presented his design to the construction firm, and the firm next searched for a location for the skyscraper. They chose 6789 John Relgard Long Street, in the middle of the Longstown Financial District.


Construction on the tower began in 1957 and lasted until 1960.

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