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Jord Stone

John Carrita as Jord Stone

Birth name
Jordan James Stone
Birth date
August 10, 1975
Created by
Ralf Sullino
Jord Stone: Tall Order
Jord Stone: Crossing the Line
Jord Stone: Mission to the Vathaus
Jord Stone: Stone vs. Brock[1]
Portrayed by
John Carrita (films)
Ben Joseph Hourlatz (video games)

Agent Jordan James Stone, better known as Jord Stone, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Jord Stone film series. He is played by John Carrita in all three films, and voiced by Dragoonish actor Ben Joseph Hourlatz in the Jord Stone video games.

Overview and character developmentEdit

Jord Stone is named after creator Ralf Sullino's son Jordan[2], and loosely based on agent Philip McBelch, a character in Joseph Zauch's 1985 film McBelch. His name was originally to be Jordan Stone, but Sullino shortened his first name to Jord, still naming the character after his son.


At least three actors auditioned for the role of Stone. Filmmakers were interested in a young actor named Zonie Brogden, as he fit Ralf Sullino's description of the agent (brown hair, blue eyes, etc.) Brogden was cast as Jord Stone, and he dropped out two days later[3]. Next, they turned to another actor who auditioned for the role, Kevin Malsias. Filmmakers said they really hated turning to him because he was already 38 years old, had blond hair, and brown eyes (all three of which were against Sullino's description). Malsias was given his walking papers within two hours of reporting to the set. The filmmakers then turned to 25-year-old John Carrita, who finally won the role, and would play the agent in all three films in the series. Carrita, like Brogden, fit Sullino's description of Stone; he was in his twenties, had brown hair, and had blue eyes.

Early lifeEdit

Stone was born on August 10, 1975, one of two sons of war veteran William Stone and aspiring musician Erica Stone[4]. His older brother is Ralph Stone, who he learned was sentenced to life in prison for a crime committed in 1992. Jord was raised by both parents near fictional Fort Gueller. He became interested in being an agent / detective at age 13, after watching old detective movies.


Jord Stone was one of thirteen people who hoped to become agents working for a "secret" organization. After rigorous training exercises, Stone was the lucky one to become a member of the organization.

Jord Stone: Tall OrderEdit

In the first of the Jord Stone film series, Jord Stone is partnered with a college student-turned-agent named Edward Burdey, and is sent on a mission to stop an extremely dangerous criminal named Frouth Gelch from causing chaos and destruction within the city. After being sent on a "goose chase" around the city, Agent Stone and Agent Burdey finally get their chance to bring Gelch to justice. With help from police, they finally have Gelch locked up in prison. Stone later reads a newspaper article stating the fate of Frouth Gelch, and he is not surprised to learn of his death.


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