Jorge's Forge City Hall

The City Hall

Jorge's Forge (pronounced George's Forge) is a city in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It is the county seat of Brenton County, its largest city, and its most populous city. The city was named in honor of Jorge Kalgarron, a local businessman, according to legend[1]. The current mayor is Wayne Haick, who has served as mayor since 2006.

Jorge's Forge, as the county seat of Brenton, is home to the County Courthouse and the county's government buildings.


Jorge's Forge was founded in 1861. It was incorporated in 1874. In 1855, city planners were asked to plan a new settlement. With help from businessman Jorge Kalgarron, the planners planned a city, and presented the plans. Construction on the community began six years later, in 1861. By January of 1862, the community had become the size of a town. In 1864, the community's people proposed to name the town after Jorge Kalgarron. In November of 1864, the people unanimoisly voted to call the community "Jorge's Forge", a misnomer, since there was (and still is) no forge located there. In March of 1874, Jorge's Forge was incorporated.

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