Justin Caleb Roades

Justin Caleb Roades, 2010.jpg

Birth name
Justin Caleb Roades
March 2, 1989 (age 31)
Kitunnek, Mylo
Years active
1993–2000; 2003–present

Justin Caleb Roades (born March 2, 1989) is a Dragoonish actor. He began acting in 1993, appearing in commercials during his childhood. He is well-known for appearing as the teenager Lucas in the Cayenne High film series, as well as playing young bigshot Cecil Northcutt on the television series How to Win in Mistian City from 2013 to 2015.

Roades is the son of actor Douglas Roades, who co-starred with him in the Cayenne High films as Coach Varton.


Roades was born in the Jord City suburb of Kitunnek, Mylo. The family moved to Jord City's Enzzetta district before he was even a year old.

Early acting career: 1993–2000[]

Roades made his acting debut in early 1993, when he appeared in a cereal commercial, in which his father Douglas also appeared. Justin continued to appear in commercials for items from cereal to soft drinks, and he even appeared in a few car commercials during the late 1990s. After filming a commercial for Farvin in 2000, he took some time off from acting.

Television and film: 2003–present[]

Roades in character as Lucas in Cayenne High (2007)

Roades returned to acting in 2003, and was cast in the short-lived series Eezel Street as Michael Green, the rebellious oldest son of a wealthy couple living on Eezel Street in one of LeDoux's wealthy neighborhoods. The series was canceled in the spring of 2004, due to low ratings and cast members leaving over pay disputes. Roades later appeared in the prison film They Paid as the brother of one of the main prisoners. A year later, he was cast as sometimes-rebellious high school student Lucas in the film adaptation of Cayenne High, in which he once again worked with his father Douglas. He reprised his role in 2008's Cayenne High II and again in 2010's Cayenne High III. Other film roles include Could You Think More Often? (2009) and Jordson the Fourth (2012); he played the titular character in Jordson the Fourth, but had such a bad experience that he did not reprise his role in the 2014 sequel. In 2013, Roades began playing Cecil Northcutt on the television series How to Win in Mistian City. He will appear in the film The Year Is 2175 in 2016. He will not reprise his role as Lucas in the upcoming Cayenne High IV.


  • 2003–04: Eezel Street - Michael Green
  • 2006: They Paid - John McDaniel
  • 2007: Cayenne High - Lucas
  • 2008: Cayenne High II - Lucas
  • 2009: Could You Think More Often? - Phil Hale
  • 2010: Cayenne High III - Lucas
  • 2012: Jordson the Fourth - Prince Jordson (later King Jordson IV)
  • 2013–15: How to Win in Mistian City - Cecil Northcutt
  • 2016: The Year Is 2175 - Steven Cimmot