Kasuke's Gorran House

Gorran House

Kasuke is a town in the island nation of Reynoldsland. The town is located on the north shore of Fourteen-Mile Lake, in the foothills of the South Mountains of Reynoldsland. Kasuke has a population of about 479. Kasuke is home to the Gorran House, which was the vacation home of Dragoonish businessman Peter Gorran.


Kasuke was founded in 1861 by H. Russell Venoill and his family. The town started as a small community for miners who mined the nearby mountains for gold and coal, none of which were found in the mountains. In 1884, Kasuke nearly became a ghost town; the population decreased from 348 to 14. In 1899, more people moved to Kasuke from Jonnic City (now Reynoldstown) and nearby settlements. In 1903, Richard Hyll Moulton became the mayor of Kasuke. He ordered the planting of native trees in front of the Town Hall, believing that "every government building on the island should have native trees growing in front of it." When Moulton died in 1914, many of the trees were cut down and more were planted. In 1924, the town banned the sale of alcohol and cigarettes within the town limits (an action the Jonnic government took two years before the nation's name was changed to Reynoldsland).

In the late 1950s, the construction of the Venoill Freeway to the north of Kasuke brought more business to the town. In 1964, the town was put on the list of towns in Jonnic that were officially considered "resort towns" because of its tourist attraction called the "Park Springs Resort", which went out of business in 1988.

Three years after Reynoldsland was created in the early 1990s, the Town of Kasuke placed a huge flag of Reynoldsland above their welcome sign on the north side of town.


Kasuke has a population of about 479 people. The people of Kasuke are called Kasukers or Kasukeans. Most Kasukeans are of British or Irish ancestry[1]. Caucasians make up 90% of the town's population. Five percent of the population has African ancestry; 3% has Hispanic heritage, and 2% has native Furroqueos heritage.


Kasuke, like other settlements in Reynoldsland, has a year-round warm-to-hot climate. The average January high is 83 degrees, and the average low is 70 degrees. The average July high is 96 degrees, and the average low is 77 degrees.


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