Katlinn Nólsí

Katlinn Nólsí

December 18 1989 (Age 22)
Suðøy, Forshland
Pop Rock
Singer, Songwriter, Music Composer
Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Years Active
2009 - Present
Flóghavn (Forshland)
English (Mainly), Forshlandic

Katlinn nólsí on stage

Nólsí on stage in 2010.

Katlinn Nólsí [katˈliːn nʊ(l)sui̯] (born 18 December 1989), is a Forshlandic singer-songwriter, music composer and music producer, whose solo work includes one album. Nólsí also has one of the top ten most common names in Forshland for 2010.

Early LifeEdit

Katlinn nósí hus

Nólsí's Childhood Home in Suðøy, Forshland.

Nólsí was born in Suðøy, Forshland on December 18th of 1989. Her mother is Norwegian born Elise Svåsand, and her father is Forshlandic born Gunnar Nólsí. In March of 2002 her parents got a divorce and in June of 2002 her mother moved back to Bergen, Norway. Nólsí is an only child.

Musical CareerEdit

When Nólsí was in 10th grade she won a singing contest at her school in Suðøy, this sparked her interest to become a singer. Her friends began to ask her to sing more and more and they told her that she had a good voice, so she started writing songs. After graduating from high school she began performing in clubs in Suðøy.

In October of 2009 she was signed to Flóghavn, a Forshlandic record label. She has realeased one album so far, her self-titled album in April of 2010.

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