Kevin Smiley

Kevin Smiley chilling

Birth Name
Kevin Richard Smiley
March 19, 1988 (age 30)
Years Active
K. Smiley

Kevin Richard Smiley (born March 19, 1988) is an American-born actor best known for his role as Michael Jordson in the sitcom The Jordsons. He also stars in the film Black Bullet as Adam Nivek.


Smiley was born in New York City and is the son of movie director Mark Smiley. He is the middle child, having an older sister named Edith and a younger brother named Jackson.


Smiley began acting at the age of five, landing guest roles on the TV series Semmes Crossroads. He also made cameo appearances in the 1998 movie Mahr Road and the 2003 movie We Don't Lose.

The JordsonsEdit

In 2004, Smiley was cast to play Michael Jordson in The Jordsons, a role for which actors Thomas Peylen and Jack Domaton also auditioned. Peylen did not get the role because he had blond hair, and Domaton did not win because he had brown hair. Smiley, who has black hair, won the role. According to The Jordsons creator Tommy Rilbin, Smiley brought some "much-needed fun" to the set. He and co-stars Anthony Broward and Peter Swayde made up a comedic trio, according to Rilbin. Smiley played the high-school student Michael for four seasons, and when the show ends in spring 2009, Smiley may join the cast of the upcoming sitcom Three Good Folks.

Black BulletEdit

In 2008, Smiley played the titular character in Black Bullet, Adam Nivek, whose alter ego is "Black Bullet".

Other workEdit

Smiley is currently starring in the film North Icana.