King Hermann Von Ochler IV


Took the throne
October 23, 1996
Preceded by
Succeeded by
June 6th, 1968 (age 41)

King Hermann Von Ochler IV is the current King of Vantrapolis, the 10th Monarch of Vantrapolis and the fourth monarch in the Ochler Dynasty.


Hermann, like the other previous monarchs, is a descedant of Commander Everard Vanter. His father is Karl Emmil, the 3rd Earl of Cryte and his mother is Anjelique, the former Queen of Vantrapolis. His younger brother is Jurro, the 4th Earl of Cryte. In early 2008, he married a local woman, now Queen Geraldine Von Ochler and had one child with her. The child, named Thorvald von Ochler is his first son, and therefore the Crown Prince.

Early life Edit

He was born on the 6th of June 1968 and was the first-born of Queen Anjelique Von Ochler. He was proclaimed the Crown Prince of Vantrapolis. At the age of seven, he came to a special private school and received the best education. When he was sixteen, he was sent to Vhanlic University. His mother died shortly after he completed his education, and at that point, he was crowned King of Vantrapolis.

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