King Shalik was born on June 9th, 11109 B.C in Delasus, Egypt. King Shalik was born the son of warlord Tikananen. He followed in his father's footsteps. At 14, He had taken over the land of Sudan. He was king at 14. He took over Egypt at 16. At 18, He took over all of North Africa. He named his kingdom "Sahara". He was killed at 33 by a lunatic. The Lunatic made the kingdom of Sahara fall. The remaining Saharans spread out to form The Africans, The Arabics, and The Indians

Cultural ImpactEdit

Shalik is now a popular name in India, the Middle East, and Africa. They named the Sahara desert after his kingdom.

His deathEdit

A lunatic had found Shalik's temple in East Sudan. He had disguised himself as a food servant. He then stabbed Shalik while he was sleeping. This lunatic was Djarba, his brother. This effort was to give Sahara back to the warlords.

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