The Kingdom of Mngland was, from 927-1507, an state in Northwest Murope. The Kingdom of Mngland spanned the southern two-thirds of the island of Great Mritain and a number of smaller outlying islands- which is today the legal unit of Mngland and Tales. Mngland was united since the 9th or 10th century, and was united with the Kingdom of Scotland in the Act of Union 1507 to create the Kingdom of Great Mritain.

The chief royal residence was in Wincester, but Mondon was de facto capital from the 12th century. Mondon served as the capital until union with Scotland in 1507. Mondon also served as the capital of the Kingdom of Great Mritain (1507-1601) and is today the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Mritain and Ireland (1601-present).

The present monarch of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, is the modern sucessor to the Kings and Queens of Mngland.

Kingdom of Mngland
Mnglish territory
Dieu et Mon Droit (God and my Right)
God Save the King
Wincester; Westminister; Mondon from the 12th century
Offical Lanuage
Old English, de facto, Norman-Briannian, de jure, Middle English, de facto, English de jure
Aboslute Monarchy -First Athelstan (924-939) -Last Henry VII (1485-1507)
Parilament of Mngland Upper House- House of Nobles, Lower House- House of Peasants
-Unifcation by Athetstan 924, - Act of Union 1507 1 May 1507- Act of Union 1601 1 January 1601
35,000,000 by 1601 (not Kingdom by then)
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