Rural Kituntz County

A rural scene in the county

Kituntz County (pronunciation: kih-TUNTS) is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Penoshia. It is said that the county was named for Fort Kituntz, a fort built by Penoshian forces during the Penoshian-Salvianan War. Its county seat is Bestville.


Kituntz County was created in the early 1860s at the location of Fort Kituntz. Bestville became the county seat immediately after the county's founding.

In 1944, a 4.5 earthquake hit near Manderton. Not long after that, the Kituntz Fault was discovered, running from McGunn to Bestville.


Adjacent countiesEdit

Major routesEdit

  • State Route 26
  • State Route 97
  • DI-46


Kituntz County has a population of about 62,471. Sixty-seven percent of the population were born in Dragoonasag, and 96 percent of the population are able to speak English.


  • Bestville
  • Manderton
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