The Kingdom and Republic of Pacardia has a total of 15 official languages. Article XI of the Constitution of Pacardia states the following: English and Chathan are the national languages of Pacardia. It is up to the City-States to include additional regional languages.

The LanguagesEdit

Main NationalEdit

1. English

2. Chathan

Other NationalEdit

3. Spanish

4. Japanese

5. French

Exclusive to a City-StateEdit

Dutch (Jamsterdam)

Swedish (Belmont)

Italian (Dawngate)

Toki Pona (Garvey Islands)

Greek (Masyaf)

Hindi (Sheoth)

Korean, Mandarin (Virmire)

German (Whytecliffe)

Esperanto (Yellowknife)

Addition InformationEdit


English is one of the two national languages, and the country's most spoken language. The common dialect, Pacardi English, is, perhaps coincidentally, very similar to Inland North American.


Chathan is the other national language. A constructed language designed by Pat McKnight to unite members of a Pacardi Germanic dialect continuum, it became widely accepted since its introcution in 2007. Whytecliffe is home of the Chathan Academy (Tcatamsck Akademi).


Pacardi Spanish is intelligible with all other dialects with its own pronunciation.

b : /b/
soft c : /s/
soft g : /h/
j : /h/
ll : /dʒ/
v : /v/
y : /j/
z : /θ/


Pacardi Japanese distinguishes itself in 2 ways.

1. The amount of kanji used is relatively few, not surpasing 200. Kanji and hiragana are for native and naturalized words. Hiragana alone supplies grammatical features. Katakana is for foreign words and names, loanwords, onomatopoeia, scientific names, animals, and Pokémon.

2. Pacardi Japanese tends to be more descriptive than the more vague Japanese found in Japan, especially with its more prominent use of pronouns. At the same time, a smaller selection of pronouns are actually used.


The Dutch peoples' contributions to founding Jamsterdam explain the prevalence of their language there. In the Pacardi variety, certain vowels (ou/ui, u/uu) and consonants (ch/g, v/w) become merged.


Spoken in Belmont, Swedish is related to Chathan, especially in vocabulary.


The world's most popular contstructed language is regionally official in Yellowknife. In Esperanto, the city-state is called Flavatranĉilo.


Official in Belmont, which neighbors lusophone Virmire. Orthography typically follows standard Italian, though diphthongs may be influenced by Pacardian.


In addition to modern Greek, some in Masyaf use a simplified form of Greek with a variant Latin alphabet called Masyan Hellenic.