LeDoux County is one of many counties in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. It is bordered by Wrentz County to the south, Permountain County to the northwest, and Bondover County to the north, and Greene County, Goffia to the east. Its county seat is LeDoux.


LeDoux County was created in 1843 from parts of Bondover and Wrentz counties. In 1835, people in the county voted on where the county seat should be. Edward Wrentz suggested that the county seat be located in LeDoux. Recently, the county has voted to be a dry county.


LeDoux County is located in eastern Salviana, and most of it lies in Zinz Valley. The Long River cuts through western LeDoux County

Major RoutesEdit

Below are the major routes in LeDoux County.

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LeDoux County had a population of about 1,124,548 at the time of the last census. Caucasians make up most of the county's population (85%). Hispanics make up 11% of the county's population. Two percent of the population is of African ancestry, and 2% of Parkufo heritage.

Cities and TownsEdit

Below is a list of cities and towns in LeDoux County. Large cities are in bold.

  • LeDoux
  • LeDoux Heights
  • North LeDoux
  • Behrmont
  • Glaussier
  • Karter City