Rock Creek in Lexynton County

Rock Creek in western Lexynton County

Lexynton County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It is located in Western Lohana. Its county seat is Lexynton.

Name originEdit

Lexynton County's name origin is disputed. Many people have believed for years that the county was named in honor of Battle of Authonome soldier Gary Lexynton, while others believe it was named in honor of John Lexyn, a businessman. Other people believe it is named after the city of Lexynton, which is widely believed to have been named for a small now-ghost town in southern Vegetano.


Lexynton County was created in the 1890s. During the first half of the Twentieth Century, people moved to the county after hearing of the fertile land there.


Lexynton County is located in the Fertile Belt of Lohana. Its landscape is mostly rolling plains.

Adjacent countiesEdit

  • Marico County (south)
  • Hayachee County (west)
  • Brenton County (west)
  • Ford County (north)
  • Millannilleon County (east)



Lexynton County had a population of about 13,992 during the last census.


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