Lingwistix is an American-born Pacardi politician, linguist, political commentator, Pokémon master, musician, and writer.

He is Pacardia's Chancellor of Culture, Head of the Chathan Academy, and a member of BTP Stoop Kids.

Political Career[edit | edit source]

Lingwistix is the incumbent Chancellor of Culture, a member of the Council of Chancellors of Pacardia, the executive branch.

Lingwistix is also the host of The Lingwistix Factor on Fox News Pacardia.

Linguistic Career[edit | edit source]

Lingwistix developed the constructed language Chathan. It was adopted by speakers of a former Germanic dialect continuum across Pacardia as a standardized form of communication, becoming of of the national languages alongside English.

As the creator of Chathan, Lingwistix is also the Head of the Chathan Academy.

Pokémon Career[edit | edit source]

A Pokémon master and veteran to the sport, Lingwistix has ventured across the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

Lingwistix was the one to first propose a Pacardi Pokémon League, due to the country's abundance of the creatures.

Musical Career[edit | edit source]

Lingwistix is a member of several Pacardi bands, playing genres ranging across different varieties of alternative rock, hip hop, metal, and electronic music. The acts he is in are as follows:

BTP Stoop Kids



Söuldiers öf Fire

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